Monday, June 27, 2005

Hmm. Much Ado About Everything.

It's been a while, eh? To tell the truth, I considered not blogging anymore, but I just couldn't resist. Here is an old picture of what the Scoop du Jour twins look like.

Since this picture, I have done some more on those backs. Will I ever finish these sweaters? I hope so.

BUT! I won't ever finish them if I get distracted... Too late.

I knit at Starbucks all the time, and this girl who works there just loves to check out my knitting progress, and the other day she asked me to knit two blankets for her two nieces who are both having baby girls this year. I was all over that because I just discovered that Pinwheel Baby Blanket, and what an innovative pattern it is!

Here's the first one that I am making for one of her nieces:

Click the picture for a slightly closer look.

Bitten by the PBB bug, I started another one with the Sugar and Cream cotton that I have 5 balls of. It's my absolute favorite colorway of any variegated yarn that I have, so I've been trying to find something to knit with it, but I always end up frogging. I don't know how practical it is to have a baby blanket made from Sugar and Cream cotton, but how often is knitting practical?

And here are some random weekend pictures for ya.

This is an awesome shirt that my mom bought for me from one of those trendy stores. American and Fitchostale or something. It's the brightest shirt that I own at the moment, but I like it.

And this is my gorgeous sister:

Isn't she just the most adorable little person you've ever seen? She's 4'11" and athletic as all get out. I love you, Becca!

Last but not least, here is a picture of the guy that I'm dating. We went to the beach. Doesn't he look great in this photo? Awwww, I wish you could see his freckles in the pic - they are adorable!

Well, salutations and Happy Knitting!

Anybody else... ready to start their new job in Cali but going to miss the guy their dating??? Me too.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Arizona is the BOMB!

I've been working here in Scottsdale, Arizona since Sunday, and I'm LOVING this weather! It always feels so incredible to travel out West and experience pure heat sans humidity. The sun is so much more inviting that way!

As a result, I am nice and golden brown because we've actually had some time to tan by the hotel's pool. Go figure that I never have time to tan when I'm at home, but the minute that I take a business trip on which I am going to have to bust my ass to help open a new store, I get to lay out. Curious, eh? Well, I've been enjoying myself, for sure.

The girl that I was tanning with is from California, and she was talking about how it's too hot, and she had to jump in the pool. I just said to her, "Girl, in Texas it's hot all the time, and the humidity pretty much ensures you a sweat. I'm loving this dry heat!" She didn't get me.

On the knitting front, I'm past the armholes on the back Blueberry Scoop and I think that once I finish it, I'll move on to the rest of Vanilla's back, and finish that on the plane ride back to Texas on Sunday.

Oh, and my Secret Pal has recently contacted me and asked me where I'm moving to in California! On August 1st, I'll be moving to Santa Ana to help open a Chick-fil-A which will be next to South Coast Plaza (!). Then in December, I'll be moving to a different city in California to help open up another store for 4 months, and so on. I'll be joining a team of about 7 other awesome folks who head up the Grand Openings of these new stores. Talk about publicity! The home office adores these people, and it's the best way to get your foot in for a store of your own, which is my goal.

Anyhoo, y'all take care - I forgot my digital camera at home (boo hoo!) so I can't take pictures of the Scoop twins, but I'll post some on Monday, I think.


Anybody else... totally excited about Secret Pal 5? Me too!!

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Well, the reason that I haven't been posting lately is because I haven't had time even to KNIT, let alone post.

Why? Let's put it this way: I have a 70 hour work-week. And this isn't just chill out work, either. I'm on my feet all day, and constantly running around solving a million problems and answering two-million questions, so when I'm not at work, I just want to lay there and not move or speak.

However tonight, I've discovered that I'm about to start the ol' "time of the month" because instead of laying around and relaxing, I have eaten left-overs (all of them)/pop tarts/cereal/a corn dog (where did that come from?)/boiled shrimp/and a few mixed nuts.

And to top it off, I washed everything down with fruit punch... I feel like everything is my stomach is like in there getting to know each other - "Frosted Mini Wheats, meet shrimp. Corn dog, meet pop tarts." Awesome.

Yeah, so tomorrow at 4:45am when I get out of bed to be at work by 5:30am, I'm sure my tummy will feel superb.

And in the knitting world: I have been making snail-paced progress on the Scoop du Jour twins. I have a feeling that these two sweaters will be my only FOs before I move to California. I mean that is, if I finish them.

Anybody else... wish that the knitting fairies would finish their sweater backs? Me too.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Yay for getting mail!

Here is a pic of the too-cute olive fabric that I received to make a notions holder/needle roll with for backtack:

I got the olive fabric with a complementary brown, two types of ribbon and a zipper, and some black buttons, all topped off with a nice card!

Thanks, back-tack fabric sender!!

Now the only question is: what to make? Good thing that there's a lot of inspiration out there.

And last up is my Scoop du Jour twins progress. I am past the ribbing on both Vanilla and Blueberry's backs.


Anybody else... super-duper tired today for some reason? Me too.