Wednesday, March 23, 2005

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Yay for links!


5/12/05 - Here's another Beaded Stitch Marker tutorial. It's made with pictures!

5/7/05 - Marnie Talks has a great tutorial for No Sew Knitted Hems.

4/30/05 - If you want to make cute beaded stitch markers, here's a great tutorial by Sheep in the City.

4/19/05 - This is a really cool How-To article that has a TON of neat tips, and is really fun to poke around on.

3/24/05 - Here's an awesome tutorial on how to recycle yarn from a sweater. It shows you how to do everything from cutting, to unravelling, to skeining. (Bonus skeining tutorial!)


4/27/05 - Tip #1 - Blocking: The Wiggle Method

4/30/05 - Tip #2 - The Selvedge Stitch: Oops, I Screwed up.


5/6/05 - This badass tool is on the EchoEcho website. It's a pop-up window maker that just lets you fill in the info, and you can get the html to put pop-up pics on your post! Awesome!

3/23/05 - The first link is the ever-so-awesome knitpro, which lets you "upload" any image from your computer, and it charts that sucker right out for you! You know, just in case you want to embark on an intarsia endeavor. (Peace be with you if you do!)


4/30/05 - Some free patterns from Wise Needle. The Taco Coat looks especially awesome. I think what I would do is knit it in St st instead of Garter st, and then use the decreasing method that is found in the Psychedelic Squares Afghan.

4/28/05 - This is a Clapotis Hat to go with your Clapotis Wrap! It seems way fun to knit, and is a very clever idea.

4/5/05 - Here are some free patterns. Some of them are admitedly very cheesy, but some are pretty cute. Check them out!


4/27/05 - Stevie Ray Shell - One size only (to fit 38" bust and 31" waist). Email me if you have trouble with the pattern because it's the first one that I've written out. Also I might tweek it over time.


But badass nonetheless!

5/12/05 - LeeboZeebo is a blog by one of my friends, who just happens to be a really likeable, very down to earth guy who is the best writer that I know personally. If you like reading blogs, then add this one to your list.

5/12/05 - The Sneeze is run by a guy named Steve. This man is completely hilarious.

5/12/05 - PostSecret. Enough said.

4/28/05 - This is a hilarious website that will keep you entertained for at least a couple of hours. The most salient page is the romance novel covers spoof. Make sure to look at the other pages that are linked, such as the submitted covers, naughty covers, et cetera. I woke my roommate up a few times with my laughter, so I recommend it.

4/28/05 - Man, I don't know if you're mentally prepared for this. Imagine the most awesome and intriguing piece of artwork that you would ever be able to view in your lifetime. Now, imagine yourself inside that artwork, when suddenly you realize that the piece of art is infinite. Okay, I think you're ready. Here you go.


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