Monday, May 23, 2005


Ya think?

I messed up on the sewing of the first CCK sleeve to the CCK body tube thing, so - I'm sure y'all can relate - I angrily threw it on my dresser, and don't plan on working on it again until later this week.

So, instead of making CCK progress, I cast on for Vanilla Scoop's back. But notice how I didn't even make it through Row 1? Yeah, I was distracted...

Proof that I at least *tried* to work on the Scoop du Jour twins:

And proof that I was almost immediately distracted by the awesome jacket in the VK mag. (See this entry.)

In this pattern, the body is knit back and forth from jacket front to jacket front all in one piece until the armpits, and then it's separated into the 3 pieces up to the neck. That fact combined with a 28st/4" gauge means that I had to cast on 287 or so stitches... Not Fun.

I suspect that I got the distraction out of my system and will continue to work on the Scoop twins tomorrow. At least now when I'm ready to work on the jacket, it's already cast on.

Aight, well it's bedtime. Happy late-night knitting y'all!

Anybody else... wish there were 30 hours in a day? Me too.


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