Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hold On; Let Me Finish This Row.

So, the night before last, I went to bed and all was well. Little did I know that I would wake up yesterday morning with two hunks of fat-marbled, raw steak in the back of my throat. Awesome.

I went to the doctor today and it turns out that (surprise) I have Strep. Again, awesome. Of course, I brought my knitting to the clinic, which entranced the little girl next to me in the waiting room. Don't you love that? She was the shy type, which you always know because they're staring at your knitting, but when you look over, they quickly focus on their fingernails or something.

They called my name after about 10 minutes, and I was in the middle of a row. Now, when this happens, I always want to say "Hold on and let me finish this one row," but I know that would just be ridiculous, so I cautiously fold my straights in half and push the knitting further down the needles, always sticking them points-up in my knitting bag.

In the little room where the doctor sees you, I got the usual treatment from a couple of the doc's assistants, and then they took a culture of my tonsils, which one assistant said looked "nice and lumpy." I was then ushered back to the waiting room to (you guessed) wait. For how long? "Well, fifteen to twenty minutes, but it depends on how busy they are in the lab." Of course.

About forty minutes later, I was up to a point in my knitting where without the pattern, I couldn't go any further. Y'all know how that is; you don't bring the pattern because you think you'll never get far enough to need it...

It was taking so long that I thought to myself that the doctor and the lab personnel must have had a chat which went something like this:

LP: Listen, as much as we'd love to run tests on this possible Strep culture, we have to run these other tests for this other patient which could take about an hour.

D: Well, I told her it would be 15-20 minutes, so can't it wait that long?

LP: Not really, no. Did she have something to keep her busy?

D: Oh yeah, she was knitting... Nevermind, that should be fine.

Yeah. Finally, they came back and told me it was Strep, and I got some antibiotics and am now going to take the remainder of the week off, to return on Monday. I have made knitting progress but have no pictures to show for it. Perhaps later on today. Until then, happy knitting!

Anybody else... not really mind being sick because it can mean lots more knitting time? Me either.


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